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Title: Boston Marriage
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Words: 75,000
Pairings/Characters: Jo Watson/OMC, Sherlock/expensive violins, ensemble cast & original characters
Spoilers: Through The Great Game; also for several of the early ACD stories
Rating: Teen (see warnings)
Warnings: Armchair psychology; discussion of suicide in the context of a murder investigation; murder investigations, abductions, violence, and a great deal of associated unpleasantness

This is my contribution to the Sherlock Big Bang challenge. It was illustrated by [livejournal.com profile] sleightofhand (full art post here) and fanmixed by [livejournal.com profile] crediniaeth at zellersee.

(23-5-2011: ETA that [livejournal.com profile] le_prince_lutin has also made artwork.)

Summary: In which Jo Watson tries to take this therapy business into her own hands, London produces enough crimes of interest to satisfy even Sherlock Holmes, and the Bechdel test doesn't know what hit it. Game on.

Part I - The Element of Surmise

In which motive is the key point, and Jo Watson takes satisfaction in the earning of some spectacular bruises.

Chapter 1: the mating rituals of flightless birds
Chapter 2: alas, then, she is drown'd
Chapter 3: we do so like to put labels on things

Part II - The Cardinale

In which Sherlock indulges in melodrama and musical esoterica, and Jo Watson learns a thing or two about artistry.

Chapter 1: the whims of a mad genius
Chapter 2: sulking of Wagnerian proportions
Chapter 3: I hear androgyny's in for the fall

Part III - The Long Game

In which things get a little too interesting, and Jo Watson grapples with moral liabilities and minor miracles.

Chapter 1: quite the little paradox
Chapter 2: perilously close to normalcy
Chapter 3: what it takes to make you kill a man
Chapter 4: collateral damage
Chapter 5: the beast of many heads

Read it on LJ | AO3

2/18/2012:   ETA the sequel


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